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Fitness Studio Dreams

While we are all practicing social distancing and doing our part to follow the recommendations from the CDC and local leadership, many of us are missing our normal routines. This can be a challenge, especially if you're someone who needs a gym setting to dedicate time for exercise. But it's very important for us to do all we can to keep each other safe and healthy, and this temporary hiatus can be used as an opportunity for us all to refocus, rest, and rejuvenate so that we're ready to return to normal activity with healthy outlooks, both mentally and physically.

I wrote this blog post before the COVID-19 quarantines went into effect. In the meantime, while we're all stuck inside, humor me and follow along with your imagination.

Say you found a studio you could join for X amount of dollars per month. What would they need to provide for that to be a worthwhile investment to you?

Maybe it would have to be a private boutique studio that can give you what you need in a very short amount of time per session, as you probably don’t have much time to give to yourself. All you’d have do is commit to six days of exercise per a week, and you think you can do that.

What do you most want or need?

You likely want what most everyone wants.

To lose weight and be toned.

Here’s what this studio could give you:

  • 24/7 access

  • Access to 35 different eating plans that includes coaching and support

  • An on call personal trainer

  • In-person body composition analysis whenever you want

  • Motivation and encouragement

  • Micro small group training that puts people around you with your same goals

  • Daily accountability via phone coaching

  • Day-to-day inspiration

  • Assistance in planning for up and coming fitness events

  • Group activities outside the studio so you can make friends who have common interests

  • Fitness app with detailed workout schedules and exercise instruction

This studio can give you whatever you’ll need to meet your goals if you can create the time for exercise and faithfully follow one of the eating plans.

With all of those benefits, it sounds like a no brainer!

The only downside? No showers. But when you live so close, why would you want to leave the comfort of your own shower at home? Besides, you’ll skip the possibility of seeing unfamiliar butts!

What do you think? Is your success just around the corner?

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