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Doug Fowler is an ISSA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer and the passionate owner of B-6 FIT Training Studio in Apopka, Florida.


As a personal trainer and inventor of the FUSION 3 fitness system, he is always on the lookout for multi-joint exercises that give the quickest and most effective results. He developed the B-6 Fit system based on six main exercises —pushing, pulling and squatting (which can be performed on the FUSION 3) along with dead-lifting, lunging, and twisting. All are multi-joint exercises that provide the greatest results in the least amount of time.


He is also the founder of a wellness phone accountability program CAMP 21 Health Fitness, piloted at Celebration Health of Florida Hospital, where he coached employees on wellness practices and improved their overall fitness levels.

Call 407-399-8324 to schedule an introductory workout session!

1458 North Rock Springs Road
Apopka, Florida 32712

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